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Winterset softball
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Winterset wins state quarterfinal

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Winterset softball won the region 3 championship against Norwalk on July 21, and then won the Class 4-A state quarterfinal against West Delaware on Monday.

Winterset softball: Bailey Acton

Bailey Acton scores.

Winterset 10, Norwalk 1

Winterset beat Norwalk 10-1 on July 21 in the region 3 championship. The Huskies scored 1 run in the first inning, 4 in the second, 2 in the sixth, and 3 in the seventh. 

Winterset softball: Jena Young

Jena Young makes the first of two fantastic catches against Norwalk.

Two runs each were scored by Bailey Acton and Riley Kious. Jena Young, Lauren Carter, Jessie Nicholson, Riley Kious, and Thea Banning each scored 1 run. 

Winterset softball: Riley Kious

Riley Kious covers center field.

Winterset softball: Lauren Carter

Lauren Carter makes the play and outs the runner at first base.

This game was pitched by Thea Banning, who allowed 4 hits and earned 7 strikeouts. 

Winterset 7, West Delaware 4

Winterset defeated West Delaware 7-4 on Monday in the state quarterfinal, bolstered by a 5-run second inning. 

Winterset softball: Ava Lowden

Ava Lowden hits a home run over the fence.

Two runs were scored by Jena Young. Natalie Drake, Ava Lowden, Bailey Acton, Abby Benshoof, and Allison Soderberg each scored 1 run. 

Winterset softball: Jena Young

Jena Young crosses the plate.

Thea Banning pitched this game, allowing 6 hits and earning 3 strikeouts.

Winterset softball

Bailey Acton smiles and waves.

Winterset softball

Head Coach Steve Corkrean and the Winterset Huskies upset No. 2 seed West Delaware in the quest for a state softball title.