Even the thrill of a new-look football stadium couldn’t help the Huskies in their game Friday against the visiting Wildcats of Carlisle.

Winterset came from behind to take a lead in the first half, but a very late Wildcat score in the second period gave Carlisle a halftime lead, and then a bad snap early in the third quarter gave Carlisle a safety.

Both Winterset and Carlisle looked pretty good, for a first game.

In the second half, however, it appeared to be a contest of which team could have more consecutive penalties. We think Carlisle won that one, too. Not exactly a dubious distinction.

During the third quarter, with about 10:15 left, Carlisle began a drive at the Winterset 49-yard line.

The Wildcats picked up a first down and it was second and eight at the Winterset 30. Then it became Flag Day, several months off schedule.

Second and eight. Flag, holding on Carlisle, declined. Third and long. Flag on Carlisle; block in the back. Third and longer. Flag, holding on Carlisle. Third and 40. Flag on Carlisle. Declined.

Suffice it to say, Carlisle punted.

Winterset began at its own ten-yard line, advanced to midfield, and was forced to punt. Carlisle got the ball back at its own five-yard line.

Five plays later, Carlisle fumbled, but recovered. It was third and five from the Wildcat 40. An incomplete pass (Carlisle had LOTS of those) and was forced to punt.

Winterset received the punt, bobbled the ball and Carlisle appeared to recover.

No wait, it’s Winterset’s ball.

Winterset begins its third-quarter scoring drive at the Carlisle 20.

A pass play, and it’s first down at midfield.

Brock Johnson, Winterset football

Winterset’s Brock Johnson gets ahead of the D and catches one of his eight Jaden Sweeney passes. Johnson caught for 222 yards and two touchdowns, having the second best night in all of Class 3-A, District 9 on Friday. Johnson also tied for second most touchdown receptions in District 9 on Friday, along with ADM’s Nathan Conrad and Glenwood’s John Palmer.

Then Winterset is just outside the red zone, with a first and ten from the 21.

Keystone cop time.

Illegal procedure (offside) Winterset. It’s first and 15 from the 26.

Lather, rinse, repeat: Illegal procedure (offside) Winterset. 

It’s first and 20 from the 31. Incomplete pass.

Second and 20. Flag. Illegal procedure (offside) Winterset. 

It’s now second and 25 from the 36.

Jaden Sweeney, Winterset football

Winterset QB Jaden Sweeney, right, finds Dawson Forgy (No. 1), left, on a pass. He hauled down three passes for six yards. Forgy also had the bulk of the hand-off attempts against visiting Carlisle, rushing the ball a dozen times for 56 yards.

Sweeney fires a pass down the home side of the field. Brock Johnson goes for it. He claims he was facemasked. It wasn’t called.

It’s third and 25 from the 36 with 2.1 seconds left in the third quarter.

Sweeney finds Brock Johnson on the visitors side of the field. Touchdown. End of the third.

But the PAT kick failed, and the Huskies trail by three, 17-14.

Winterset attempted an onside kick to start the fourth quarter.

Carlisle recovered at midfield.

Good gamble, when it works.

Tegan Wyckoff gets a fresh set of downs with a nice hand-off to Bryce Murray, who scampers to the Husky 35.

It’s first and ten from the Husky 25; the Carlisle QB finds running room on the visitor side of the field and finds the end zone. 

A PAT kick, the Wildcat defense holds the remainder of the game, and comes up with a 24-14 victory.

Easton Darling, Winterset football

Easton Darling hangs on after completing a pass.

It was Wyckoff’s third TD of the night. He had an eight-yard run in the first quarter and ten-yard pass late in the second quarter (55 seconds remained). Then he had the 35 yard run in the fourth quarter.

We won’t talk ... much ... about the bad snap early in the third quarter which led to a safety. 

Early District 9 glance

In the six team Class 3-A, District 9, four of the six football cohorts are unbeaten.

Creston-OM, Glenwood, Harlan and CB Lewis Central all won their openers; the Huskies and ADM lost.

Creston-OM tagged Chariton with a 42-0 loss and hosts Atlantic Friday. 

Glenwood ran past Carroll, 44-28; and is poised for a western Iowa road trip to SC Heelan.

Harlan, meanwhile, squeaked past Denison-Schleswig in what I call the ‘Denny Bowl,’ 27-22. Harlan travels to Sgt. Bluff-Luton this week.

And CB Lewis Central picked up a 35-7 victory over Sgt. Bluff-Luton at Sgt. Bluff. Lewis Central hosts Carlisle this week.

Carlisle 24, Winterset 14

Passing: W: Jaden Sweeney 18-32-0-306 (2TD). C: Tegan Wyckoff 7-8-0-92 (TD).

Rushing: W: Dawson Forgey 12-56, Brock Johnson 1-22, Kruise Kiburz 1-2, Randy Pleake 1-1, Jaden Sweeney 2-(-10). C: Tegan Wyckoff 14-149 (2TD), Nic Goodhue 15-107, Bryce Murray 7-25.

Receiving: Brock Johnson 8-222 (2TD), Easton Darling 5-64, Christian Barker 2-14, Dawson Forgy 3-6. C: Joey Donovan 3-53, Karson Dunn 3-24 (TD), Archer Ogbourne 1-15.

Tackles (5 or more): W: Kruise Kiburz 1-12-13, Jacob Honkomp -10-12, Jack West 3-7-10, Caden Kleemeier 1-6-7, Blake Bellamy 3-4-7, Jacob Hoffman 1-5-6, Tyler Brown 2-3-5. C: Hayden Amos 2-4-6, Archer Ogbourne 5-1-6, Nic Goodhue 3-2-5, Jacob Imhoff 5-0-5. Sacks: W. Jacob Honkomp 2. Sacks: W: Jason Honkomp 2.

Fumble recoveries: C: Garret Pienkowski.

Returns: W: Bryce Hatten 2-19, Luke Briney 1-16. C: Karson Dunn 4-19, Tegan Wyckoff 2-12, Jacob Imhoff 1-6, Bryce Murray, Will Page.

Next: Winterset at Bondurant-Farrar.

Reporter at the Winterset Madisonian. He has also been the managing editor at the Madisonian.