2019 Pump & Run

The Winterset Rotary held its 20th annual Cannonball Pump and Run on Saturday morning at Monumental Park. This is a Rotary-sponsored event where participants are required to bench press their body weight (or a percentage of) as many times as possible, then run a mile or a 5K. Each successful repetition of the bench press earns competitors 15 seconds off their mile or 5K run time.

Heather Iburg of St. Charles recorded the fastest adjusted time at 12:30. Iburg also lifted the most weight for women at 3,060 pounds. 

Sam Benton of Panora recorded the best men’s record, pumping 180 pounds 23 times before running a 24:12 5K for an adjusted time of 18:27. Benton also lifted the most weight at 4,100 pounds. 

The Winterset Rotary Club wishes to thank all the many volunteers and sponsors that help make this event possible. All proceeds from Rotary Races go back into the local community. 

Most recent contributions made possible through a Rotary Foundation Grant and matching funds from The Winterset Club was the purchase of 150 pairs of winter boots to be distributed by our local CRISP organization this winter.