Winterset baseball won each of their three games this week, defeating Earlham, Carroll, and Perry. 

Winterset 19, Earlham 0

Winterset beat Earlham 19-0 last Wednesday. The Huskies scored five runs in the first inning, five in the second, and nine in the third to total 19 runs. 

Senior Brock Johnson scored four runs for four at-bats and hit two doubles. Three runs each were scored by senior Easton Darling and sophomore Justin Hackett. Sophomore Dawson Forgy and senior Casey Young each scored two runs. Junior Hunter Farr, junior Ty Thompson, junior Alex Soderberg, junior Dominic Honnold, and senior Josh Hess each scored one run. 

Sophomore Jake Porter pitched three innings, allowing one hit and earning five strikeouts. Junior Jaden VanPelt pitched one inning, earning three strikeouts. 

Winterset 10, Carroll 0

Carroll fell to Winterset in a 10-0 game on Friday. Winterset scored four runs in the first inning and six in the fourth inning. 

Two runs each were scored by seniors Easton Darling and Casey Young. Senior Brock Johnson, junior Hunter Farr, sophomore Dawson Forgy, junior Will Heithoff, junior Alex Soderberg, and junior Jaden VanPelt each scored one run. 

Sophomore Justin Hackett pitched, earning 10 strikeouts and allowing a single hit. 

Winterset 13, Perry 1

Winterset continued their winning streak by defeating Perry 13-1 this Monday. 

Three runs each were scored by senior Brock Johnson and sophomore Justin Hackett, and each player hit a double. Johnson also hit a triple. Two runs were scored by junior Alex Soderberg, and one run each was scored by senior Easton Darling, sophomore Dawson Forgy, junior Hunter Farr, junior Will Heithoff, and senior Jake Hoffman. 

The game was pitched by sophomore Jake Porter, who allowed one run and earned 10 strikeouts.