So we’re heading into Thursday’s football game between Baylor and West Virginia (it sounded perfectly reasonable last week, then this week I decided that it would be confusing to have two contest results in one week) so we omitted the Baylor game.

As it was, we had seven people that missed one game. (Everyone picked Baylor to win, so that would not affect the outcome.)

It comes down to points. Twenty points were scored in the Iowa/Northwestern game.

Missing one game, and their tiebreakers, included Conner Morris of Winterset (33), Mike Adkins of Winterset (38), Joe Tiernan of Winterset (41), Dane Van Werden of Winterset (41), Ben Neideigh of Winterset (41), Bob Brown of Patterson (42) and George Eaton of East Peru (52).

Morris nabs the first-place prize while Adkins takes second. The third-place prize will be split three ways between Tiernan, Van Werden and Neideigh.

A number of people missed two games: Wayne Martens, Chuck Lister, Steven Seivert, Gary Frey, Ted Stiles, Sherry Lathrum, Ed Lathrum, Robbie Cline, Steve Dick, Dana Fisk and Todd Brown.

Two prep football playoff games are in the mix this week: Van Meter and Earlham.

We’ll have the Illinois/Rutgers game as the tiebreaker.

Iowa State has the week off. Good luck.