Isn’t living in a small town great? I don’t mind living with the fact that everyone knows my business, it keeps me honest. St. Charles had their Old Settlers Celebration, with great fireworks. Have you noticed even when people try to social distant they have a tendency to move closer and closer together? Through touch, we transmit and receive energy from one person to another. We need physical touch every day to heal wounds, connect with one another and heal our minds. We are social beings and touch is a part of communication.  Human touch gives us meaning and purpose. I admire my Mom. She has never let fear of COVID stop her from hugging people. Beverly radiates love, strength and courage. I hope someday I am just like her. 

Great news, the old police car with the blown motor did not have a blown motor.  We took the car to secondary roads and it cost less than a $50 part to fix it. The county is doing so much better about reaching out to other county departments, which saves taxpayer money. We have hired a new county deputy sheriff. I was told all candidates where very good. I realize there are bad policemen. There are also bad doctors, teachers, garbage men, nurses, politicians: you name it, you can find a bad apple in every profession. Thursday about ten o’clock I was coming home from a zoning meeting on the St. Charles highway.  I witnessed flashing lights that moved very slowly, I pulled to the side of the road and waited for the emergency vehicle to pass.  What I witness was Sergeant Kory Heckstein, a Madison County Deputy Sheriff, driving very slowly, herding a large Black Angus bull down the highway. I was impressed at how well Sergeant Heckstein herded the unhappy bull down the road with little to no resistance on the bull’s part. The patience the deputy displayed was amazing. When the cows are out around me, I become a raving lunatic. If humans would show the same respect for authority as that bull did, relationships might heal. We have nice cops in Madison County. Show them respect. They are doing a job most of us would never do. 

We are working on raising local money for the needed courthouse repairs. Because of really hard work from citizens we are receiving grants but grants need to be matched by local money. Grant providers need to know that people are willing to put some skin in the game. We are working on how all of this needed fund raising will work. If you have ideas on how to raise money, please let me know. Allowing our courthouse to rot down is irresponsible. Some of you say the courthouse is obsolete and could be replaced by a Morton Building. Is that how you want the world to think of you when you hit a certain age? Old things simply become obsolete and unworthy of care or value? 

Old things matter. History, art, buildings, and old people matter. In the court house we needed an old analog phone to make some things work. I had an old analog phone in my attic. Good thing I did, that phone made everything work at no cost to anyone. Analog are rarely used anymore but sometimes the way we used to do something, might prove to be necessary in the future. We need each other. We need to remain grounded in what freedom, history and sacrifice really means to our future. Success hinges on everyone working together. Madison County is made up of Earlham, Winterset, Truro, St. Charles, Patterson, Peru, and Macksburg. Not one town is any more important than another.  Stick together, Madison County. 

A man from Chicago was looking at the courthouse last week. I struck up a conversation with him.  He stated Iowans are really, really nice. I said, “Yes we are, have you ever heard of Iowa Nice?” He said, “No but it is sure true.” Let’s keep that going, maybe the rest of the world will copy us? 

July 25th from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. at the Madison County Fairgrounds Metro Waste Authority will allow you to drop off free of charge household hazardous waste. ACCEPTED: aerosol cleaners, paints, ammonia based cleaners, antifreeze, batteries (rechargeable only) fertilizers, florescent light bulbs (CFLs) gasoline, kerosene, oil base and lead paint, stains, varnish, metal polishes, rust removers, mercury thermometers, mercury thermostats, pesticides, petroleum adhesives, used oil filters, sharps or needles (must be contained in detergent bottles or sharps containers) (not milk jugs or pop bottles) have the lid on the container, used motor oil. NOT ACCEPTED: ammunition, asbestos, electronics, explosives, fire extinguishers, latex paint, medications, propane tanks, cylinders, radioactive materials.