Two 4th of July celebrations are being offered to the public in Madison County on the 4th. Tony Wenck will be hosting a 4th of July food and fireworks celebration at his race track (2430 HWY 169, Winterset). Food is served at 6 p.m. Fireworks start when it is dark. Everyone is welcome. Tony asks that everyone park in the race track parking lot, and bring your own lawn chairs. 

Truro will be celebrating a 4th of July Parade at 4 p.m. followed by events in the park at 5 p.m. Food will be served. When it is dark the fireworks will start. If you wish to participate in the parade call Joe at 515-681-4612.

(Practice common sense: If you are sick stay home, if you are vulnerable to illness stay home. Protect yourself while allowing others to choose for themselves.) The Fourth of July is the common term used to describe the American national holiday known as Independence Day. Each year, this day is a commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which formally severed all ties between England and the United States in 1776. Remember we fought a war in 1775 for freedom from tyranny and oppression. Don’t blame schools for the lack of history being taught in this country. As parents or grandparents blame yourself. The United States of America is allowing their history, good or bad to be erased or simply forgotten. On the 4th of July listen to Paul Harvey’s 1965 original radio broadcast “Freedom To Chains”. 

The Iowa Utilities Board is proposing the use of eminent domain with wind farms and solar energy collector installation. Eminent domain is the right of a government to take private property for the greater good of the public. In this case the proposed ability of the entity using the power of eminent domain is a private company, using the government to do their bidding. Invenergy canceled their easements on the east side of Madison County because they could not obtain enough land owner participation. Since the east side of Madison County stood up and said no, big global corporations are simply using government, who then use unelected, handpicked bureaucrats to make decisions for the weak kneed, spineless politicians who are afraid to stand up for their constituents. This is a dangerous path we are allowing. 

America has given so much to us. Get involved and pay attention. 

We are still negotiating the purchase of land for the EMS building. To say the least this has been very interesting if not confusing. We will continue to strive to get the best deal. I regularly visit the Secondary Roads and am impressed with the changes two new employee positions are making. If you have noticed, the ditches are being cleaned out and some of the roads are being reshaped. One of the positions is saving taxpayers a lot of money by simply re-negotiating contracts. In a very short time the savings have been substantial. Thank you to both of these men who are striving to make our roads better, working to be more efficient, and save taxpayers money. 

Remember rumors are often started by haters, spread by fools and believed by idiots. If you have questions or concerns call me at 515-314-6433, or visit the courthouse. If I don’t know the answer, I will find out. My hours are Mondays 12-4 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30 a.m.-noon, same as they have been since I started.