As a county supervisor we are required to serve on many boards. Matura is a board I serve on. In Madison County we would recognize it as the Multi-Purpose Center. I am quickly learning that charitable services which are run locally function better than federally mandated services. 

When I was campaigning, I soon came to realize Madison County has a lot of working poor. I came upon a family with hungry kids. It was obvious the parents were making very poor choices, but me being judgmental of a person’s poor ways does not feed those innocent kids. Government denies poverty is often linked to bad choices. This realization must force people to practice personal responsibility. Sometimes I don’t feel compassion when I see someone asking for gas money with a cigarette in one hand and an energy drink and fast food bag in the other. Critical thinking skills are pertinent to survival but so is love, understanding and compassion, which sometimes I lack. We need to be bold in this county and change how we treat the poor. Teaching life skills might be better than handing someone a gas card. Think about staying local with your donations. You can drop off food and paper products at the Multi-Purpose Center, 725 N. 1st St., Winterset (515-462-4704). This assures your donations will stay local. Believe me, the staff there does possess critical thinking skills. They are capable of saying no after determining the charitable goodness is being abused. 

I am hearing many of you want five supervisors. I would suggest you research other counties who have five supervisors. Explore the idea of dividing the county into districts. Do you want to vote at large as we are now or vote within the separate districts? Changes are never good when done in anger. Changes made with committed, thoughtful grass roots citizens coming together offering open honest dialogue; that is when good things happen. Districts might give sections of the county a better voice. If this is what you want, you as the voters of this county, will have to petition to make the change.

I attended my first union negotiations. Working for the government most of my life I really understand the government has NO money, and yes that includes county government. They have only what they take from each of you in the way of taxes. We all want people to make a good wage but if we continue to ask for too much we will break the backs of the taxpayers. Breaking the backs of taxpayers will serve no purpose but to bankrupt the country one county at a time. 

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. Since they were very little, my children have always felt they can invite whoever they wish to our home for Thanksgiving. Insanity runs in some families, in mine it gallops. But looking back into my life those strangers are my favorite memories because they have become good friends. Now they can show up unannounced. What a blessing life is.

Proverbs 22:9 a generous person will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.