When watching the news, you would think the whole United States is on fire. A nation filled with people who hate each other, one of the worst places in the world. Owning a Bed & Breakfast, we meet people from all over the world. Our last guests where from the Philadelphia area. They were a young couple with four adorable boys, a beautiful mom, headed by the handsome dad, who had served in the military for six years. Most all the people we meet are as wholesome as apple pie. God fearing, proud Americans. 

My daughter and I spent a weekend in Missouri. Again, we met nothing but wonderful, salt of the earth, good people. They all stated many of the problems are in the big cities. The rest of us get along fine. 

Look at all the people who helped each other cleaning up storm devastation in Iowa. Don’t lose who you are as a person or nation. Don’t allow fear and talking heads, the ability to distort how really wonderful this nation is. Many big cities have created their own problems. The rest of us dig in our heals, love each other more and pick up the slack for those who are not able. 

Don’t lose this trait, Iowans. Don’t let politics, movements or anything, for that matter, destroy who and what we are. We are all children of God. God loves each of us so much he gave us his only son to die for our sins. Not one person on this earth could or would do that, so please love each other as God loves you. Applied, good taste produces good citizenship. Ugliness, produces anarchy, ugly cities, ugly propaganda, and ugly lives which produces bad citizens. Don’t fall into this trap, you think your side will win. In reality we all loose. 

The St. Charles highway repair is under way. I told all of you how horrible this would be. Well, I was right. But we get a new highway, so we may as well be patient and thankful. We are getting calls as to why we don’t remove all of the old concrete and start over. Why? Because it could cost over $2 million per mile verses our cost of approximately $3.5 million for about 13 miles. We simply can’t afford it. 

As most of you know I try to be very frugal with your money, because it is your money. That is why for the second time I did not vote to build the Senior Center. My taxes went up $900, as many of yours did. We can’t keep spending money we don’t have. Elected officials have a judiciary and biblical obligation to protect taxpayer’s money. We can’t keep raising taxes, allowing government to live outside their means, forcing people to work harder and harder receiving less services for their tax dollars. 

Pay attention to who you vote for. If you know nothing about candidates do your research. If you don’t research, don’t cast an uneducated vote. History proves people make mistakes, they make wrong decisions, and they vote in the wrong people and often pay a heavy price for their decisions. Knowledge is power, ask questions of the candidates. 

A Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District commissioner reached out to me this week. They are very willing, and more than able, to help Madison County develop comprehensive plans and ordinances. Soil & Water Commissioners are elected to protect soil and water. Placing good conservations practices on the ground which mitigate future problems that could occur due to storms, flooding and urban growth. Soil & Water Commissioners take an oath promising to be gatekeepers of our natural resources. These elected officials truly believe soil and water are great collaborators, giving humans the ability to sustain life, even prospering while reaping the gifts of our natural resources. Working with the SWCD will be a great asset to the county board of supervisors. Madison County SWCD will host a meeting they will be holding, allowing the public the ability to RSVP until the seats are full. This meeting will be held via Zoom sometime in mid-September. 

Thank you to the citizens who are our eyes and ears for the county. Those of you who offer really good ideas and inform us of problems as they occur, allow us to address the issues quickly. A good friend suggested maybe township trustees should reach out to supervisors with reports on a quarterly fashion? What a good idea. We will discuss this for the future. 

I saw the petition being circulated allowing voters to choose if they want the county to be divided into three voting districts or remain as we are. From my previous experience, you will most likely be able to find the petition in stores or business. Don’t call me, because I don’t know where the petitions are being circulated. 

Be kind to one another. Have a nice Labor Day weekend.