I find the toilet paper fiasco humorous and horrible. Do any of you think the pilgrims thought much about how they would wipe their behinds? This flu is respiratory why the toilet paper? Don’t hoard or fight over hand sanitizer, bottled water, food or anything for that matter, take only what you need. 

The grocery stores have a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables. Ask your doctor he/she will tell you shopping in the outside isles of the grocery store is healthier. Turn this into a positive, eat those healthy foods, if you are working from home start an exercise program. Be kind to one another, stay calm, most of all trust in God. The world views us as nice. We must keep Iowa nice forever. 

If you look back on your life you will come to the realization that often from personal adversity came opportunity. Sometimes the hardest times in my life lead to the greatest moments of my life. America was not built on fear. Our forefathers were resilient, creative, humorous, strong willed, and independent, let’s keep that way.  We will remain free as long as we remain brave.


MADISON COUNTY SECONDARY ROADS, POLICE, EMS, PUBLIC HEALTH: are essential and will function as usual.

OFFICES LOCATED IN THE COURTHOUSE: enter only thru the east door.

COUNTY AUDITOR: Closed to the public. Employees will still serve you for essential business through phone, emails and scheduled appointments. Please call for assistance 515-462-3914. If you are dropping off candidacy paperwork, budgets, or other forms for the auditor, please submit them into the mail slot on the door. No passports will be processed at this time. 

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS: Closed to the public; if you need to speak to a supervisor, call 515-462-3225 or 515-314-6433.

CENTRAL IOWA COMMUNITY SERVICES (CICS): Closed to the public. For assistance call 515-493-1453.

COURT SYSTEMS: Call 515-462-4451 you may mail fines or pay online. Please restrain from coming into the office if at all possible.

COUNTY ATTORNEY: Office closed to the public.

COUNTY OFFICES LOCATED IN THE ANNEX BUILDING (Old Union State Bank next to the Post Office, 201 W. Court St., Winterset).

TREASURER: Closed to the public. If you need to speak to someone call 515-462-1542.

ASSESSOR: Closed to the public. If you need to speak to the someone call 515-462-4303.

RECORDER: Closed to the public. If you need to speak someone call 515-462-3771.

ZONING: If you have Zoning or Environmental Health Office needs involving a request for any of the following: Building Permit-Septic Permit-911 Address Contact by calling 515-462-2636. 

VETERANS OFFICE: For emergencies or time sensitive information call 515-782-1734

MATURA: Open Monday thru Friday 9-4, for the food pantry call 515-462-4704, pick your food up at south door. We are taking only food donations. Bring your donations of food only to the south door.

Don’t forget God. Pray, have each other’s back and cut each other some slack. 

1Peter 5:7 cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.