Truro just proved how great small towns are when they all come together for the greater good. Their Feeding Frenzy was a grand success. The football game between Iowa and Iowa State was, let’s just say the game was ... long. Truro, you did such a wonderful job, thank you. 

I visited I-35 Elementary School along with representation from Winterset Chamber of Commerce, Osceola Fareway, Dole Foods, Senator Julian Garrett, Representative Stan Gustafson, parents, and teachers. I-35 School is doing so many things right. Teaching young children how to grow food, prepare and preserve the food is something we have not taught for generations. It is crucial we understand where our food comes from. Surprisingly many people do not understand this concept. We had a Bed & Breakfast guest who had to be convinced that our chickens really did lay the eggs. He never did grasp the fact that a hen does not need a roaster to lay and egg.

It is not acknowledged who lived in Madison County before 1846 other than coming here for exploration, hunting or trapping. Madison County offered thousands of acres of rich prairie lands and thousands of acres covered by luxuriant growth of valuable timber. Three beautiful rivers flowed through the fertile soil, aided by many tributaries. Fruits and honey were to be found in vast quantities. Nature provided lavishly and beckoned men and women from eastern states to come and settle here. 

Humans seem to feel the need to control what has been provided for us. Sometimes we need to stop trying to change the earth and simply sit back and enjoy what we have been given. Often when you give up trying to constantly steer the boat you will discover the blessings bestowed upon you. When you come to that realization, becoming grateful and gracious you will than work to protect the gifts that surround you.

Many health care providers and county employees attended a de-escalation training last week. De-escalation refers to behavior that is intended to escape escalation of conflicts. The training will help employees recognize a situation that can quickly spiral out of control and take appropriate action before the person becomes unmanageable. I am sorry to say this does happen more than any of us want to share. County employees attended Stop the Bleed and a refresher course in CPR. If you are interested in learning CPR and the Heimlich maneuver you can reach out to the EMS crew in Winterset.

The instructors will make the training interesting and un-intimidating. Before the class is over you will have the knowledge that could help save a life. My grandson saved his two-year-old sister’s life because his Grandpa taught him the Heimlich maneuver. Knowledge is power and often lifesaving. A tree fell on our house last night, I can still smile because the only casualty was the tree and it was well over 200 years old. Therefore I am thankful for the wonderful old tree that did nothing but give us shelter in the cold winter days and shade in the hot summers. Trees are renewable resources giving humans all they have right up to their deaths. This week if someone does not have a smile give them one of yours.

Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”