What a perfect weekend – perfect weather, perfect color, one of the best car shows ever. The only thing missing was a Husky victory Friday night and the Bridge Festival. The festival wasn’t a total loss – there were a lot of people in town Friday and Saturday and they were spending money.

If you haven’t noticed, the buildings that Lou and Coe Erpelding are renovating and re-purposing – something we like to see – are shaping up. It is my understanding they will move the entire operation of Jones Creek Apparel to this location. It will be a great addition to the downtown business community.

Who was the longtime handyman for Montross Pharmacy in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s?

On the city front, the building permits for single dwelling housing continues to grow – around 24 for the year so far.

The lake continues to be low – 3+ feet. Let me put things in perspective: pre-lake fee, we would be nervous and approaching Phase 1 of the water rationing – not good.

A few DOs and DON’Ts about those colorful leaves that are still on the trees:

• Enjoy them: it is when they fall that creates the problems.

• Do not burn them – city ordinance.

• Do not rake them into the street.

• Do not put them in a black garbage bag. Put them in a brown recycle bag.

• Put them in an old-style garbage can.

• Put them out for the yard waste pickup on the Wednesday designated for your neighborhood.

Russell Edgington was the longtime handyman for Montross.

Had to put my Yankee hat away for the year and struggle through an unofficial World Series.

Here is the good news: only 20 days until the election!

It’s a busy next seven days for WHS activities. All activities are state functions.

• Football this Friday vs. North Polk, first round of playoffs.

• Volleyball next Tuesday vs. Creston, first round of districts.

• Cross country next Wednesday (Lake View Country Club), state qualifying meet.

Football costs $6 (passes not accepted) and you need a voucher just to buy a ticket at the gate. Vouchers can be obtained at the high school.

Volleyball costs $6 and just show up at the new gym.

Cross country is no charge.

Having these state functions at Winterset is a tribute to the school administration, coaches, athletes, and student body but to me it is also a tribute to you folks for furnishing such great facilities. Thank you to all!

Under the circumstances the teachers and students are working under, they are doing a fantastic job.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” —H. Jackson Brown Jr.