I am just getting back from the Girl’s State Softball tourney. Wow! We have a good team. We beat West Delaware 7-4 but the game really wasn’t that close. As Pamm and I were going to FT. Dodge and passing through Adel – I was sure glad it was Winterset and not Adel playing in the softball tournament. We not only have a superior team but superior fans – many more fans than West Delaware. By the time you read this, we will have played Dallas Center-Grimes to sees who is in the state championship game – hope it is us.

As you are aware, I traded my community service from Mayor to School Board. We are about to make a decision that will affect all of us: what the “return to school” will look like. The school administration is working very hard to find the solution that will be best for the kids. I also have a concern how it is going to affect the staff – after 43 years in the business, my thoughts are not only how this return to school will affect the children but the teachers. My heart/emotion tells me wait for face-to-face learning. My brain/intellect tells me to listen to the rule makers, medical field, and scientists. When I see parents I know, I ask them their opinion. You guessed it, the answers were all over the place. Mostly people want the kids to go to school – face-to-face learning. A hybrid method seems to be a popular choice. Whatever the board decides is best for the children, I hope all will accept it – understanding not all will agree.

I have had the opportunity to tour the new school construction project you OK’d – guaranteed it is an Oh Wow! When we have an open house for the public to see their investment – don’t miss it.

When you get the opportunity to meet Superintendent Justin Gross, take it – he is a keeper.

Tuesday was our 52nd anniversary and despite the Covid-19, we splurged – drove to WDM, ordered carry-out and ate in the parking lot. Be safe out there!