I have a very limited knowledge of the internet and all the ends and outs of it – however, the library received a “deal” from the state on “hot spots”. If you know what they are, good for you. Basically, as I understand it, you have internet access where ever you are – yes, even in your car. They will be available soon, so keep tuned in for checking one out. That is a big deal.

The Park and Rec department had a lot of news Monday night. Because of staffing issues, the pool will close Aug. 17. That’s unfortunate, but you certainly can’t have the pool open with no lifeguards. The Dog Park officially opens at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 10. Your dog(s) must be licensed by the city, or obtain a $10 user fee for its use. The Dog Park Ambassadors will be there for assistance Saturday and Sunday. The summer activities are winding down and fall activates will be full steam ahead. Watch notices for instructions on signing up for activities. The entrance to the City Park is getting a makeover. It should not affect activities or access to the park.

The council had a lengthy discussion with the engineers for the North Lift Station Project – the bids came in over $500k+ over bid. They talked strategy to make it fit into the budget. 

The council accepted Waste Management as the garbage hauler. I’m not in complete agreement with that outcome, but I don’t have a vote. 

Chief Burk reports all – well mostly all – went well at his end of RAGBRAI. He also reported that since the county is changing radio frequencies, we will have to, too. $$$$$$$. I believe it is a state mandate. We have ordered the new speed reader so we can monitor traffic to see where enforcement is needed.

The developers report that there is a snag with the “old high school” negotiations. I hope they can get things worked out with the school district – hate to see it abandoned or demolished. 

I continue to work with the DOT on the crossing at North Eighth Avenue and the bypass.

I received a call from a local business about the possibilities of expansion – that should keep your mind spinning.

The first meeting in September will be Tuesday the second instead of Monday the first (Labor Day).

I can’t say it enough: everyone did a fantastic job representing and showing off our community during the RAGBRAI sleep-over.

Consider serving our community in city government. 

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