It’s taken me three weeks to figure it out but I think I have it. Three weeks ago, my schedule took a hectic turn around. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. But with the flower baskets needing watering, checking in meds, as well as other duties, at Montross, the morning is over. That fact I am 37 (dyslexia), I require a little down time (nap). Then, taking care of any city business (there always seems to be some), ball games, it is time for cleaning at Montross. What’s the point? – I neglected the Mayor’s Blog. Instead of trying to do the Blog Tuesday morning, I had just brushed it off. Well, how about doing it Sunday? It works! A lot of things have gone and passed but I can catch up on a few things.

I had reported earlier the DOT had planned to resurface Highway 92 E – then the word started circulating that the project was delayed because the monies being used for the project were being diverted for repair of the flooded-out I-29. Not true. Anyway that is what they (DOT) are telling me. I’ll try to find the exact dates – using Hwy 92 E could be a pain.

When will North Eighth Avenue be finished? Your guess is as good as mine. I’m just thankful we didn’t allow them to get started last fall – what a mess that would have been this past winter.

Track season has come and gone – another WOW! We really had some fast track athletes. I participated in the era of state champions and a lot of school records – a few were broken this year, not only on the varsity level but junior high, too. Matt Benshoof was working hard to beat his brother Brad’s newly established high hurdle record. (Remember I thought that was a record never to be broken.) He did finish second in the state! The Benshoof boys must have gotten the speed from the Breeding side of the family because I had their dad Steve in school and I can tell you Steve was s_ _ _ (you fill in the blanks).

The Mayor’s Bike Ride was a bust – probably my fault. It was raining from 8 to 9 then stopped shortly after 9 – just after I canceled it. I guess the hands-on activity at the library had a tremendous turnout – that is the good news.

Then there are the flower baskets. They are a big WOW – they are growing fast and really showing off. Thanks to all who were able to contribute to the fund. It was an especially good year. I was a little worried at the start but everyone came through. The bad news – it appears that someone tried to take one – AGAIN! The Trasks found what appeared to be one of the zip ties cut. DARN!! I hope that doesn’t get started. that could be, I’m afraid, would be the start of the end. You might have noticed “plaques” dedicated to certain persons – these were donated by persons, at a significant donation, to honor or remember family members or friends, etc. Well, the friends and family that wanted to remember and honor “Bub” Fry have a plaque dedicated for him, along with a “bench” Bub would always sit and welcome town square visitors – I can see his “hi and wave” as I write this. 

Just a reminder – a big reminder: this fall, there will be a big change in city government. Two council members for sure and a maybe a third, and the position of Mayor will be up for grabs – that, folks is a huge change. If you are interested in serving your community in one of these capacities, get serious about it and DO IT.

Once again, I apologize for neglecting my “duties”.

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

You have two hands: one to help yourself, the second to help others.

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