I need to start by dispelling a rumor: I am not a candidate for the Mayor of Winterset through a write-in campaign. With that in mind – I did have an unwritten rule/gentleman’s agreement in the past, with the Madisonian, that I would discontinue my “Blog” during the campaign season as it seemed unfair to have my name out there in an advantageous way. That seemed fair and ok with me. 

However, this year I am seeking a position on the WCSD Board of Directors, while I am still the Mayor, and it only seems fair that I don’t mention that I am running for the school board. So, I will not be mentioning in my “Blog” that I am a candidate for the school board. One reason I am mentioning this is the fact that I re-purposed my mayor yard signs to school board signs. Don’t be confused, I am not running for mayor – good time for a change.

Discussions continue with the Department of Transportation on a pedestrian crossing at North Eighth Avenue and bypass. I have been working on that project and it finally seems it will come to fruition. I have turned the project over to the City Administrator for completion – this has been a long process but a much-needed addition to our community. 

As you can tell, it was time for the hanging baskets to come down. Thanks so much to the following people for helping Dave and I with the work – in the rain!! – Tom Leners, Rusty Holliday, Ray Dawson, Todd and Terri Scott, Jeff Strong, Bill McDonald, Howard Harrell, the Park and Rec Department and our wives, Pamm and Judy.

I see our friend Jack Hatch, future developer of the “old” WHS, is running for the Mayor of Des Moines. I hope that doesn’t change his plans for this senior housing development.

Everything else seems to be going ok with the city – oh yeah, the façade project. It seems it is taking forever to complete. You add state/federal funding into a project – you guessed it, a mess. I hope we don’t go through another Bridge Festival with boarded up windows.

Heads-up on the weather – have your sump pump in working order. I hope this isn’t an indication how the winter will go. 

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