First things first: there is a rumor circulating that the Winterset Pizza Hut is closing. NOT TRUE! Let me explain. A few weeks ago, a young lady wearing a Pizza Hut T-shirt, passed our “three coin” coffee group in Montross. This was right after the media had announced that several Pizza Huts were closing. I point blank asked if the Winterset Pizza Hut was closing and she said, “Yes!” A few of us probably passed that on. Well, it turns out not to be true – we’re sorry for that but understandably not all our fault. So, if you are or have been a patron of the Winterset Pizza Hut, continue to do so. If you know someone that works there, tell them not to leave – their job is secure if they work hard.

I told you a few months ago that 92 East to Bevington would be resurfaced. They worked on it a few weeks ago to smooth out and fix the rough spots. We wondered if that was the gist of the resurfacing project. On my way to Indianola Monday, I noticed blacktop equipment ready to go – whew, I got one thing right. Keep in mind it might be a pain if you commute that way.

We continue to work with the DOT on the Eighth Avenue/bypass intersection. They seem interested in helping with that dangerous intersection.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank has purchased what I call the Hochstetler Building (east of the old jail) for demolition and parking for their employees.

Congratulations to the school administration for keeping on the construction crew in the renovation of McGaffin Field – the word a few weeks ago that we may have our first couple of home games “away”. First game is home this Friday – GO HUSKIES. Come on out to the game and check out the new digs.

Here is one for the “you have got to be kidding” category. While working on the “old high school” purchase and ultimate historic renovation, we all found that, apparently when the football field was constructed, the city had to vacate High Street, South Street – which means the City owns about 1/3 of the old football field. I say (with tongue in cheek) no wonder the field was so hard – we were playing on a city street!

Monday was the first day that candidates for the city council/ mayor and school board election could take out “papers”. I haven’t heard of anyone that took them out – community service, folks, community service.

Someone asked me about “Beggar’s Night” – since I have been Mayor, we have had Beggar’s Night the night before the traditional Halloween on the 31st. This year the 30th falls on a Wednesday which we try to avoid (church/family night). I’ll have to do some checking and let you know.

From a die hard Yankee fan – looks like another “Official World Series” (Frank Miller) – hope that doesn’t jinx them.

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