Dear Editor:

As a Madison County resident, I have attended several supervisors meetings as of late, to hear the discussions on wind turbines. Many times, I have heard people say that they sound like a jet engine. I always found this hard to believe, as I used to live by a SAC (Strategic Air Command) Base in California, and my husband used to work at the Iowa National Guard. 

I decided to do some research on the decibels put out by wind turbines, and imagine my surprise with the following facts. Ten wind turbines placed at 1,148 feet from a home put out approximately 35-45 decibels. A jet engine is 140 decibels; blenders are 90 decibels. Lawn mowers are also a mere 90 decibels. Trains are 100 decibels; refrigerators are 40 decibels. When reading the statistics, it shows our average refrigerator outs out as much as 10 wind turbines. 

In fact, when WHO TV interviewed Tanya and Mike Lamb on Oct. 8, 2019. They complained about the turbine noise and how you couldn’t be outside because of the noise. However, they were interviewed outside, you could see the wind turbines but could not hear them. 

These are just a few of my thoughts and I know there are other Madison County residents that have noticed the same thing.