Dear Editor:

Democrats believe in using public health science to manage the spread of COVID-19 virus pandemic.

I’ve watched, as a retired public health official, leadership’s complete failure to manage the COVID-19 virus pandemic! From the beginning the current political leadership has failed to follow and support public health science to control this infectious disease outbreak! I watched leaders ignore and manipulate facts and measures that would have reduced the community spread of the virus. Therefore we’ve seen a thousand plus deaths across Iowa and the nation.

Current leadership seems incapable of keeping our testing positivity rate at or below 5 percent. We are all saying and hearing different messages. Business and schools are open, then closed, then open. We even find out we do not make or could not find enough PPE for nursing homes, work places and hospital; or have the ability to produce enough testing supplies. 

So as the election nears I am looking for honest ethical leadership (both statewide and nationally) to make changes that communicate honest facts and solve problems using public health science against the COVID-19 virus. As I vote I will be remembering the hardships I (and millions of families) have experience that did not have to happen:

Facing crying mothers in nursing homes who have been in lock down since spring. Or no family celebrations for fear of spreading virus to those at risk for disease.

No traveling to see family members out of state because of high community spread and having to quarantine for two weeks or even travel locally to see a new baby in person.

Watching families who work full time from home who are having to support her children’s virtual learning; or classes for the children, college students and blind being canceled due to outbreaks.

No chorus or singing in a socially distance church or limited access to the library, or no sports, or no social dinners with friends at our favorite restaurant.

Prolong economic hardships for families being laid off due to the inability to control the pandemic positivity rates within communities, or knowing how hard it was to provide disaster health services during Iowa derecho recovery in Cedar Rapids.

So when I get my absentee ballot I will be voting Democratic, knowing we have much to do and it will take strong honest ethical leadership to reduce the community spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across this nation.