Dear Editor:

At this time in our history many people are concerned about global warming, so what better time to be turning to a clean air resource for our energy.

Agriculture is a business; land owners are always looking for ways to increase their profit’s the same as any other business. MidAmerican is paying land owners $7,000 to $10,000 a year for each existing wind turbine. Individual owners pay tax on this revenue as well, which brings more tax dollars to the county.

There is $14 million revenue projected coming from the Macksburg wind turbines which is in a bond to be TIF funded toward restoration of the courthouse, a new ambulance building, meal site and a nature center at Pammel Park.

Listed on your current tax bill is over $49 million dollars levied. If it weren’t for the income from the existing turbines the money for the courthouse restoration, ambulance building, meal site and nature center would result in tax increases for all of us.

If Arbor Hill gets approved this is millions more for our county to work with.

Every town, county and state I know is looking for economic development for more revenue from good sources. This is an opportunity to greatly benefit Madison County.