Dear Editor:

I have had the honor to meet a number of the Democratic candidates for President in 2020. With the crowded field, there are so many options as to be overwhelming. Steve Bullock really stands out as a moderate libertarian democrat. Steve is the current Governor and former attorney general of Montana. He is a father of three and avid outdoorsman that even sports a pair of alligator boots he shot himself. Steve is not afraid of compromise. When you are the democratic governor of a republican dominated state, you have to be. Notably during his tenure as Governor, Steve worked to expand and protect healthcare coverage in Montana and has fought against dark money in politics.

What really draws me to Steve is his recognition that we need to restore people’s faith in our political system and fight to get money out of politics. As Montana’s Attorney General, Steve Bullock challenged the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision in an effort to defend Montana’s 100-year-old ban on corporate money in politics. Citizens United gave the same free speech rights to corporations, nonprofits, and unions, as individual people. Its effect has been to allow unlimited election spending by cooperation’s and unions and has fueled the rise of super PACs (Political Action Committees), that now flood our TVs with political ads during election season. Steve won in the Montana Supreme Court, but was struck down by the US Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision. Fast-forward a few years and Steve Bullock as Governor passed a very popular executive order that forces super PAC’s to disclose their donors if they want to advertise during the final 30 days of an election cycle. In Montana, the difference is night and day, 31 days before the election, the TV is full of political attack adds, after thirty days, it stops. People across this country are tired of the corruption and money in our political system, there is no silver bullet, but Steve has certainly fought the hard fight to bring transparency and restore sanity to politics.

Madison County, now is your chance to meet Governor Steve Bullock and kick the tires in person. Steve will be in Winterset on Saturday, Nov. 23, 6 p.m. at the Madison County Historical Society. I hope you take this opportunity to meet him, and maybe if we’re lucky he will wear his alligator skin boots.