Dear Editor:

On behalf of myself and the entire staff at the Matura Madison Outreach, I would like to thank you for contributing to the success of our annual operation Santa Claus Christmas program and the giving tree program this Christmas. 

The staff at MATURA has worked hard for many years to collect donations and toys for our Christmas giving project to ensure that no child in Madison County goes without a gift at Christmas time, and with your continued support each year we have been blessed to make it happen. But more than the physical gifts, we are deeply thankful for the donation of your time and efforts. In this busy Christmas season, time is most expensive. We are humbled and blessed by your generosity. Generosity sometimes doesn’t come naturally. It’s a recipe we learn from others. My parents passed it on to me; I’ve passed it onto my children and now I’m striving to pass it onto my grandchildren. Thank you for being exceptional examples of what generosity looks like and is able to do for its community.

Our annual family Christmas boxes distribution took place on Friday, Dec. 20, and was a great success. We were able to bless almost 100 children from over 30 families from Madison County this year. Thank you to those who took Giving Tree tags, and bought presents. Thanks to those who gave hats, mittens, blankets, toys, food and monetary donations. 

Thank you to the following organizations and businesses for their time, help and donations for without it none of this would continue to be possible. 

The American Legion Post 184, Winterset Lions Club, Rose Acre Farms, Madison County Pork Producers, Winterset Kiwanis, Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Union State Bank, American State Bank, Winterset Municipal Utilities, Winterset Madisonian and The Shopper, Winterset Municipal Utilities Crew, Terry’s Knitting Angels, as well as all the private donors. 

A very special thank you goes out to Winterset Public Library Director Jean Bosch and entire staff; and The Iowa: Rebecca and Marianne Fons, Manager Scott Smith and staff for allowing us to set up giving trees in their businesses, and helping with all the donations. I cannot express how appreciative I am of your willingness to jump in and help with whatever you could and all your time and help and seeing it through.

We are blessed to have such a giving community! Together we brought Christmas blessings to many of those in need!  Thanks for helping make this a truly enjoyable, successful, and fulfilling year. All the best for the New Year ahead!