Dear Editor:

As a lifelong Iowan, I have been presented with choosing between exposure to a deadly virus or the destruction of our economy because our state has inadequate safety nets for those most vulnerable to both.

It pains me to see so many Iowans losing their jobs and in desperate need of money and food to take care of their families. I also see people around our state dying from this virus, with numbers increasing as our state reopens.

We can keep people safe and supported if Iowa’s leadership stops prioritizing corporate profits over people. We need to fight hard for solutions that work for all of us, especially those being hit the hardest: low-income folks, people of color, and older adults.

Governor Reynolds must issue a statewide stay-at-home order that protects Iowans from both the virus and financial devastation.

She can do this by guaranteeing income, healthcare, and housing for all Iowans. We must also exponentially increase testing and provide personal protective equipment for all healthcare and other essential workers.

Iowa CCI is making those demands, and we need your help making everyone’s voice heard. Signing the “People’s Stay-At-Home Order” petition show Gov. Reynolds that we take our community’s health seriously. You can find at