Dear Editor:

I am writing to you to convey some good news and appreciation during this dark time in American history. 

The police are under enormous pressure as they are being vilified and castigated in the press and by many of our politicians. Well I for one am thankful and appreciative of the job they do and hopefully continue to do. 

Recently this was brought very close to home as my eldest daughter left her skateboard in front of the church where she was attending a Bible study. She got out and found her, as well as her friend’s skateboard stolen. She filed a police report and told us about it. We prayed with her and told her that hopefully it would be found, thinking in the back of our minds that there was probably no way it would ever get found. Little did I know that the Winterset Police were on the case and brought us back the skateboard intact that very day. I thanked the officer, and wish I could pass on his name to give my personal thanks, but frankly I was so astonished by the speed of everything, I just failed to be that observant. 

I hope the Winterset Police feel appreciated, because this is one Madisonian who is happy to see them around doing such a fine job for the community.