Dear Editor:

The county board of supervisors is charged with the duty of establishing policies and providing adequate funds to properly maintain the secondary road system. The county engineer, pursuant to section 309.21 and board policy, shall adopt such methods and recommend such personnel and equipment necessary to maintain continuously, in the best condition practicable, the entire mileage of said system.

County Roads embargoed, buses on hard surface only for two weeks, people getting stuck in the road due to lack of rock, numerous complaints of pot holes, wash outs, lack of rock, and many, many other complaints of roads not being maintained. Bridges closed, low load limits on bridges.

Are the supervisors and engineer abiding by the Iowa Code?? In my opinion, NO. To me that Iowa Code 309.67 is law and should be followed.

We would like to thank all who attended the Concerned Citizen meeting. As stated in the meeting we will never, knowingly give out inaccurate information. We are humans, too. Anyone can make an honest mistake. A lot of people are surprised at the money Madison County taxpayers could save if the county would be more in line on health care like the surrounding counties.

In one of the supervisors meetings I attended, income of money was being discussed by the supervisors. It was said by a couple of the supervisors that “we’re not going to buy rock with that money because the rock just disappears.” There were several witnesses to this. WHOA, WHOA, wait a minute. What does the Iowa Code 309.67 say about funding and best condition practical???