Dear Editor:

COVID-19 has affected our lives at all angles. For some close to me with health problems, COVID-19 poses a serious threat to their already compromised condition. Those with existing health issues face more severe outcomes than others in my community. My family, friends, and I have stayed extremely cautious throughout the past few months, ensuring this virus doesn’t make its way into our homes.

Fighting this pandemic has also affected my family’s business. My company manufactures athletic apparel and embroidery for sports teams, particularly local schools and recreational clubs. Widespread cancellations and uncertainty for leagues have meant the same for orders, which have had a large reduction as already-purchased merchandise compiles in my building. 

I know I’m one of many of those whose work, personal life, and future plans have been drastically affected. Witnessing these scenarios play out has created stress for all. As we adjust to the circumstances, we have to remember that it isn’t permanent and there is somewhere we can look for a solution. 

As COVID-19 has complicated business and family in the lives of all Americans, our nation’s biopharmaceutical researchers have remained dedicated to finding a cure. With increased support from Iowa’s legislators, their chances for success grow. I encourage Iowa’s lawmakers to unite alongside their colleagues in Congress in support of the American biopharmaceutical industry working to produce vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. 

In order to return to normal soon, a vaccine will be crucial in eradicating the stress and uncertainty we currently face.