We are excited to be hosting our first football game this Friday, Aug. 30, at newly renovated McGaffin Field! The stadium will be very close to completion, but there will be a few items not finished, so we are asking for your patience and grace. We are looking forward to having 500+ more bleacher seats to accommodate Husky fans!

Here are a few items as we open the stadium.

Main parking will be in the lots north of the stadium. The lot between the school and the stadium will be closed due to construction.

Fans will cross Husky Drive and enter the stadium at the northwest side of the stadium.

New seating arrangements are shown on the map: Marching Band at the south end, HS student section next to the band, MS and JH students at the north end. Elementary students are asked to sit with their parents.

Please remain off the dirt and keep to the sidewalks as we are in the process of seeding.

Tailgating will be allowed up to the beginning of the first event (4:45, 9th FB). All district policies must be followed.