U.S economy still growing

The U. S. Labor Department says there were 164,000 new jobs created in July, 2019. These numbers were a little higher than expected. Unemployment remained at 3.7 percent. The percentage of the working age population that is employed improved just slightly from 62.9 percent to 63 percent, meaning that 37 percent are not employed. The 37 percent is not counted in the unemployed figures because they are not looking for work. Those included in this group are students, the disabled, stay at home moms and some able-bodied people who choose not to work. Those in this last group are the ones that we should be encouraging to get jobs. Hopefully some will as wages increase. Any of them on welfare should be removed.   

The State of Iowa has set up a web site for those looking for jobs called Iowaworks.gov. The governor says there are about 80,000 jobs available in Iowa. By going onto this site you can search for jobs requiring particular skills and showing what part of the state they are in, and in most cases the salary. 

As I have pointed out for several years, there are able bodied Iowans who for one reason or another are not working. They are not counted in the unemployment numbers because they are not looking for work. I am pleased to see that some have taken jobs recently but there are more that we should encourage to go to work. This may be possible with wages going up because of the shortage of good workers. Hopefully we will also attract people from other states to come here for the good jobs that are available. It seems to me that anyone who wants a job should be able to find one here in Iowa. I have always recommended finding a job that you enjoy or that at least you do not dislike. That should be possible with the thousands of jobs available. 

A word of advice. When you take a job, show up for work. A complaint that I hear from employers more often than you might expect, is that they hire someone who then does not show up for work. 

 As always please feel free to contact me with your ideas or concerns.