Welfare fraud

We passed several bills in the Senate this last session to fight welfare fraud, saving taxpayers money, that were not taken up in the House. 

Senate File 305 requires SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) recipients to co-operate with child support recovery in helping enforce a child support order.

Senate File 334 creates procedures to reduce fraud in public assistance programs.

Senate File 484 creates the crime of fraudulent possession of EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards (formerly food stamps).

Senate File 538 requires able bodied persons who are receiving taxpayer funded healthcare to either work, volunteer or be attending school. 

These bills are all eligible to be considered in the House when we reconvene next January. 

A Little Trivia

The Legislative Services Agency says we passed 180 bills this last session. I was the floor manager for 8 of them. I also managed several more that passed the Senate but not the House. All bills that passed one chamber are still eligible in the other one next year. They do not have to be passed again in the original chamber.   

The state general fund is divided into nine different parts. My subcommittee is divided into two parts, so we have two different bills. Those are two of the eight bills that I managed that we actually passed. Unlike most bills we pass, budget bills must be passed every year. 

We are estimating a surplus of $195 million when the fiscal year 2020 books close June 30, 2020. The estimate for the current fiscal year that ends June 30, 2019, is a surplus of $166 million.  


I was pleased to be able to walk in the John Wayne Horse Parade in Winterset on May 25.

Nancy and I walked in the Indianola Memorial Day Parade on May 27, in honor of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can remain free. We just finished as the rain resumed. 

As always please feel free to contact me with your ideas or concerns.