Low Positivity Tests 

According to the Iowa Department of Health, Warren County has the lowest positivity test rate in the state for the Covid-19 disease, as of late September. We must keep in mind that the testing is ongoing so the standings are constantly changing. Nonetheless it is good news to see that Warren County is doing well compared to the rest of the state.

U.S. Economy Continues to Improve

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has just released figures for the month of September showing that the United States unemployment rate has dropped to 7.9%, down from 8.4% in August, and 661,000 new jobs were created. The Iowa figures will be available later in the month.  

New Voters

I have been watching the statistics from the Secretary of State’s office on current voter registrations as we approach the election. Of course, at any given time, new people are turning 18, some are passing on and others move. I would think that as we approach this important election, people would have a higher than usual incentive to register. I will not be surprised to see a record turnout for the November election. Here are the totals for active registered voters for the State of Iowa, from the Secretary of State:

DateRepublicansDemocratsNo PartyTotal
Aug. 1, 2020683,888681,389633,4192,012,552
Sept. 1, 2020691,240684,092637,9672,027,774
Oct. 1, 2020703,335690,250646,7222,056,080
Totals for Warren County
DateRepublicansDemocratsNo PartyTotal
Aug. 1, 202012,48210,76810,83634,305
Sept. 1, 202012,72910,84510,85734,668
Oct. 1, 202013,11611,06910,93235,372
Totals for Madison County
DateRepublicansDemocratsNo PartyTotal
Aug. 1, 20204,5592,7803,44710,866
Sept. 1, 20204,6352,7923,46810,976
Oct. 1, 20204,7532,8353,52011,198

The totals are slightly higher than the totals for the parties and no parties because there are a few registered with minor parties. As always please feel free to contact me with your ideas or concerns.