County Parks Are Open

Exploring the local county parks is a great way to spend some time outdoors while still practicing social distancing. If you are looking to get some exercise, try taking a hike on of the trails. There are several miles of hiking trails in our parks. If you are looking for a short hike, check out the Backbone trail at Pammel Park or the short trail through the woods at Fellowship Forest. For those looking for a longer hike, Clanton Creek has several miles of trails ready to be enjoyed. 

Although it is still a bit early in fishing season, it never hurts to try. Throw out a line at the Pammel Park Ford or take the kids to the kids only fishing pond at Fellowship Forest. After all, a six foot fishing pole helps you maintain the recommended six foot distance from others. 


Fishing equipment

Spring Preparations

As you find yourself home a little more than usual over the next few weeks, consider taking time to get your outside gear ready for use before the summer season. 

This is a great time to check out your kayaks and other water crafts to make sure they were properly cleaned after last season before using them again on area water bodies. Also, take a few minutes to inspect your life jacket for any flaws left over from last season and try it on so you know it will fit properly when you are ready for your first outing. 

Tents are another item that are often put away wet and dirty. Take advantage of a sunny day to put your tent up in your yard and make sure it is clean and properly waterproofed before the start of the camping season. 

Most anglers have a mountain of tackle in their garage that could use some organizing. Rainy days at home are great for sorting luresand tuning up fishing reels. Take a few minutes to tighten the wobbly handle or stretch your line before you try the first cast of the season.