Winterset schools have managed to keep their COVID-19 numbers relatively low this fall.

There have been 10 staff members who have tested positive this year, and six additional members who have had to quarantine due to family members testing positive. Eighteen staff members have received negative tests.

Nine students have tested positive for COVID-19 so far this year. Of these, five were on school grounds, resulting in additional student quarantines. A total of 117 students have been tested and had negative results. There have been 57 total students who have had to quarantine due to exposure to a positive case; 26 of these were due to exposure at school.

The average student COVID positivity rate is 0.11 percent. This rate is the number of active positive cases divided by the total number of district students.

The Iowa Department of Education requires above 15 percent county positivity rate and a 10 percent absenteeism rate to apply to move to a hybrid learning plan.

If the amount of cases rises above this threshold, the Winterset School Board would meet to discuss the situation and look at the cases in each building.