Kelsey Mulder pitches

Kelsey Mulder will be inducted into the Softball Hall of Fame. 


A Winterset High School alum is being inducted into the Iowa Hall of Fame for her success in softball. The previous pitcher in question, Kelsey Mulder, was then known as Kelsey Rethmeier. Her senior year was a major success for the softball team, but she attributes her pitching success to two main people. 

The first recognition goes to her catcher, Missy Baker. When Mulder found out the news, she said this to Baker, “You gave me so much confidence with your presence, skill, and that good ole snap to your glove.”

The second goes to Coach Corkrean. According to Mulder, Corkean’s first year coaching softball was her eighth grade year. She gave him much credit by saying, “he taught me every pitch I ever learned.” She fondly recalled him helping her learn to pitch in her own backyard.

Mulder commented that a main part of her pitching success also came from her faith in God. She believes that no matter what happened on the field, God’s opinion was the only one that truly mattered. A verse that helped her was Isaiah 2:22, “Stop trusting in man who has but a breath in his nostrils.”

“I was very honored when I received the call regarding the Hall of Fame,” Mulder remarked. “This honor represents so much more than just my pitching career. 

“I had an entire team that had a true love for the game and many parents and fans that supported us from an early age in that love. I was fortunate to learn the art of pitching from Coach Corkrean. He has built a legacy of great softball teams in the many years he has coached. I am thankful to be able to represent Winterset Softball and all that it has grown to be.”

Kelsey Mulder

The induction into the hall of fame will be held on July 26.