According to Winterset Park and Recreation Director John Pletchette, the dog park opening has been delayed indefinitely due to weather and several hangups with construction and contractors. 

“Finishing work on the dog park continues to be delayed for various reasons, including the weather,” Pletchette said, adding when questioned that he did “not have an anticipated opening date” as of yet. 

Part of the hold up was in the form of a leaking tile line that, according to Pletchette, was “damaged by the installation of a fiber optic line.” Now it has to be “bored” and dirt removed. 

Grass seeding in several areas still needs done and according to Pletchette, he has to contract stuff out and he’s “at the mercy of the contractors.”

“I don’t think we want to open it up and have a mud-hole, that would shut us down right away.”

The city is still waiting on two drinking fountains to be installed  at the dog park as well. 

The funding is there, it’s just when the grass comes up and the contractors get the work done,” Pletchette told the council when asked if the park would be open by the end of summer.

Initially the park was supposed to open by late last fall, and then again by this spring. According to Pletchette, it has been “one delay after another.”

Winterset is home to over 1,100 licensed dogs. The Winterset Dog Park Project Committee has been working on raising funds for this project for years.

The Winterset Dog Park has been fundraising for over five years under the direction of Cari Davis and the Dog Park Committee.

Funds for the park have been raised in a variety of ways including doggy dives, soup suppers, doggy kissing booths and more, including a $25,000 grant from the Greater Madison County Community Foundation.

Managing Editor at the Winterset Madisonian.