The Madison County Sheriff’s Department, along with the Winterset Schools, will be sponsoring an adult only educational opportunity for teachers and interested adults in the community entitled “What You Don’t See”.

On Feb. 18, from noon until 7 p.m., a mobile training trailer will be parked in the WHS parking lot. The inside of the trailer is designed to simulate a “typical” teenager’s bedroom, complete with all the paraphernalia one would expect to see, but not necessarily understand from today’s younger culture.

Within the bedroom, parents and concerned adults will learn the meanings of signs, symbols and clothing, common hiding spots, and other precursors that could be potential warning signs that their children or others may be involved in potentially dangerous behavior and lifestyle choices.

This program, touted as a must-see for parents, will educate on how to intervene and get help. 

Drugs, violence and crime don’t discriminate by gender, skin color, religion or affiliation. Working together as a community and learning how to discover the warning signs of dangerous behavior will help keep Winterset children safe.

Managing editor at the Madisonian.