The Winterset School Board adopted a new Title IX policy on Monday after waiving the second reading. 

This policy prohibits sex discrimination and sexual harassment as defined by Title IX. 

Based on the fact that the new Title IX laws went into effect on Aug. 14, school administration recommended that the board waive the second reading and adopt the policy and procedural guidelines. 

The board adopted the policy and procedural guidelines, and also approved the Title IX Procedures Manual and supporting Forms Bank created by Ahlers Cooney Law Firm, which has been modified for the district. 

The procedure’s manual outlines the various procedures they will use as they implement the changes in the Title IX law.

The code adopted states that “the Winterset Community School District prohibits sex discrimination, including sexual harassment as defined by the regulations implementing Title IX (34 C.F.R. § 106.30), against any individual participating in any education program or activity of the District. This prohibition on discrimination applies to students, employees, and applicants for employment.”

The Board authorizes the superintendent to adopt procedures for anyone to report sexual harassment to the district’s Title IX coordinator. 

Anyone with questions about the district’s Title IX policy and procedures should contact the district’s designated Title Coordinator, Corey St John at 515-462-2718 or

In early May, the United States Department of Education released final rule making that included addressing sexual harassment complaints under Title IX. The final rule updated interpretations to the receipt, investigation and resolution of sexual harassment complaints filed under Title IX. The rule making changes resulted in large scale changes for processing these claims. 

Due to the sweeping nature of the changes to Title IX rules and the impact they will have on districts, IASB partnered with Miriam Van Heukelem, Shareholder at Ahlers & Cooney P.C., to provide a new policy and supporting documents. The policy and supporting documents have been modified for the Winterset School District.