Donations for Matura

The stairs just inside the door of the First Christian Church were lined with food items donated by church members and citizens via the food cart on the sidewalk. 

During Sunday morning services at First Christian Church in Winterset, there is a “Call to Action” segment. Each week, Music Director Carla Vasey asks the congregation to bring packaged food items and place them in a shopping cart positioned in the back of the sanctuary. 

Filling the shopping cart

Vasey is the unofficial promoter of all things food cart. When the cart is full, donations are then delivered to the local Multi-Purpose Center for those in need. 

With the onset of Lent, the church’s Growth and Renewal committee had planned a “Give It Up For Lent” program which gave a more specific tone to needed food items. Starting on Sunday, March 1, donation was to be a box of cereal and the event would continue until April 12, with different food items requested each week. The donation on March 8 was to be pudding/Jello, the 15th would be a box of crackers and the 22nd was to be a boxed dessert item.

When the outbreak of COVID-19 forced the cancellation of church services, plans for the food cart donations had to be altered. Where there is a will, there is a way, as program organizers made the decision to place the food cart outside on the sidewalk, in front of the church.

On Sunday from 1-3 p.m. as snow flurries dampened the afternoon, it did not dampen the spirits of those willing to donate. Soon the shopping cart in front of the church was overflowing with donations, which kept an attendant busy as they brought the donations back into the dry confines of the church and placed them on the steps just inside the door.

The “Give It Up For Lent” item of the week was to be a dessert; however, anything was accepted under the circumstances. Parishioners and members of the community donated shampoos, hand soaps, Hamburger Helper, cereal, Pop Tarts and other items too numerous to mention.

“The response was tremendous,” remarked Vasey, also a member of the committee. 

“Bravo to church members and the community for their generosity and caring during these difficult times, this is what Winterset is all about!”

Look for the food cart on the sidewalk in front of the First Christian Church (103 W. Green St.) next Sunday, March 29, from 1-3 p.m. This week’s item is scheduled to be Hamburger Helper, although other items are encouraged and will be accepted.

Managing editor at the Madisonian.