Last week was a big week for Spike Baughman – on the heels of his 80th birthday and 58th wedding anniversary, his friends and long-time customers surprised him on Friday with an open house honoring his 50 years of barbering in Truro.

After serving in the U.S. Army from 1961 through 1963 and settling into married life in his hometown of New Virginia, Spike was 30 when he purchased and opened his barber shop in Truro in 1969; a second shop followed in New Virginia in 1972. In the beginning his haircuts cost $1.75; inflation struck over 50 years causing that price to increase to $9. 

The New Virginia shop is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Mondays have long been reserved for making house calls and hospital visits for his longtime customers who can no longer make it in to his shop. Hours of the Truro shop are 8–6 Thursday through Saturday UNLESS there is a home Hawkeye football game which mandates closing so that Spike can travel to Iowa City to take in the game. 

Seriously, if it’s autumn and you want to get your haircut on Saturday, check the Hawkeye football calendar first because if it’s a home game, there is no chance the shop will be open.

Spike’s barber shop walls are highly reflective of him working in the same one place for 50 years with numerous photos of little kids’ first haircuts – the fifth generation in some families! – and older gentlemen talking about the weather. 

Truro resident Roxanne Beeler told a story about when her daughter cut her own bangs when she was little.

“When I asked her why she had done it, she said, ‘I just want to be like Spike, I just wanted to be a barber like Spike’,”

Beeler said she took her daughter to Spike’s shop thinking he would be able to “touch it up a little and fix it.”

“He put her up in the barber’s chair and he combed it down and stood back and looked at it, then he combed it the other way and looked at it and then he said, ‘you did a good job, Callie’ and she just smiled from ear to ear”.

“Every town needs a Spike,” Beeler said, adding that Spike’s shop was the “heart of the town.”

Spike’s dedication as an I-35 Roadrunner, Iowa Hawkeye and Chicago Cubs fan is apparent by the banners and memorabilia covering the rest of the walls. 

Spike is the hometown wealth of knowledge of Truro’s history – oh the stories you can hear when you stop in for a haircut! Just remember to check that football calendar before you head to town.