Garden of the Month

Lisa Vossekuil shares some vintage art in her garden.

Congratulations from the Sunshine Garden Club of Madison County for July recognitions: Lisa and Darrell Vossekuil on East Washington Street for the brilliant flowers and vintage art; and to Nancy and Pat Corkrean on West 9th and Mills for the around-the-house “rooms” with garden tools, plus the garden shed that looks like a “she shed”.

The Vossekuils started gardening in 2003. 

“We had just sold a house and bought another back in Wisconsin and I had plans in my head with the landscape. 

“My joy comes from the finished product. Every time I go outside and see what it used to be and how it looks now and from the satisfaction I get from seeing others react and enjoy God’s beauty. It gives me joy and pleasure watching, not only people enjoying my yard, but also several varieties of birds and butterflies.” 

Favorite flower: “I don’t think I can choose one because there are so many that catch my eye during a day like when the sun shines upon a plant or flower, just right, or the way another flower looks right after a fresh rain. A favorite feature of mine, I can think of two without much thought at all. First, the five different birdbaths in the yard, which I replace the water in almost everyday to keep the birds happy. It is so enjoyable and rewarding to watch so many different varieties of birds enjoy the water, not only to bathe, but to also soak a piece of bread because it is too hard, or to help crack a sunflower seed. I get satisfaction in watching a robin take a long bath in one of birdbaths or a pair of doves. The second feature would have to be the two hummingbird feeders hanging on our front porch. I am refilling each every other day because the hummingbirds are constantly feeding. Darrell and I both enjoy watching them protect their feeder, sometimes not letting others feed there. This is especially visible just before the sun sets.” 

Lisa’s next stage is an arbor on the front walk.

Enjoy seeing this unique garden at Nancy and Pat Corkrean’s property. Especial the garden shed that looks like a ‘she shed’ with curtains from Italy. 

Garden of the Month

Nancy Corkrean has the opportunity to store her gardening tools in her very own “she shed”.

“I started gardening around 25 years ago after raising five children. I enjoy being outside, away from housework!” said Nancy. “I do gardening like I would stage a room. I am always moving or adding more plants. I like to add vintage garden tools to my ‘garden rooms’. My favorite plants are lavender and hydrangeas. These are two plants that I pick and dry in my basement and then I use them in our home, and the rabbits do not like them! It is very relaxing for me to work in our yard, but also a big challenge because we live in a ‘wind tunnel’, and we have a lot of clay in our soil, and the RABBITS!”