The Winterset First Christian Church will be giving away $42,000 in scholarships this Sunday. 

The church will hand out the 28 scholarships in a drive-by at 1 p.m. Recipients will trade an embossed award letter for their check. 

These scholarships are $1,500 each. Two of these scholarships are Johnson scholarships, while the rest are Taylor scholarships. 

Dwight Johnson created the first scholarship fund with $20,000 in 1973. He asked that the interest on that money be used to provide grants and scholarships. 

Charles and Lois Taylor were inspired by Dwight Johnson’s generosity to create their own fund, and created the Charles and Lois Taylor Scholarship fund with a gift of $1 million in 1987. Interest from the gift is set aside each year to provide scholarships. 

The Taylor fund has given a total of 1458 scholarships valued at $1.8 million since the program began. 

One of the few stipulations is that the fund is for youth who graduate from a Madison County school and live in Madison County. 

As these students move on through college, they are eligible to apply each year until they graduate, and are encouraged to do so.