Winterset Police officials want to remind the public that the city’s laws differ from the state’s when it comes to the time frame that fireworks are allowed to be discharged.

According to Winterset’s ordinance, fireworks will be allowed from July 1 through July 7, from noon to 10 p.m. except for the 4th when the ending time will be 11 p.m. Fireworks will be allowed on Dec. 31 from noon to 1 a.m. on Jan. 1. All other state regulations will be followed. For example, fireworks must be “shot” only on private property. According to code, “the only exception to this is that novelties, including snakes, sparklers or caps, may be discharged on public property so long as all trash, wrappers and wires are disposed of properly”. 

Other fireworks laws

You also have to be 18 or have adult supervision by a parent or legal guardian to discharge fireworks. 

Consumer fireworks shall not be discharged by any person showing visible signs of, or who is determined to be, intoxicated; or by persons under the influence of a drug or narcotic. 

All persons discharging a consumer fireworks device assume all responsibility for its operation and the consequences thereof. No person shall discharge a consumer fireworks device in a reckless manner or manner likely to cause death, injury, fire or property damage. All violations of the fireworks code result in a simple misdemeanor or a municipal infractions. Fines are set by the city council. All violations are reported to the State Fire Marshal.

Winterset changed its laws regarding the time frame when fireworks could be discharged last summer, after local law enforcement received numerous complaints about fireworks in town for several weeks leading up to the holiday.

Winterset isn’t alone with these stricter restrictions. Cities across the state have enacted their own laws regarding fireworks after the state’s laws changed two years ago, allowing the purchase of them.