Superintendent Dr. Meade met with a parent focus group made up of 14 parents from varied backgrounds on Saturday, to hear concerns regarding the district’s handling of behavioral issues and to discuss possible solutions. 

Julie Knobloch, one of the parents at that meeting, spoke to the school board Monday night to provide some feedback from the focus group. 

The parents at the focus group were not given an agenda beforehand, which Knobloch said allowed them to listen to other sides of the issues instead of “over-preparing” their responses. 

Knobloch stated that the meeting revealed several “big truths” that all boiled down to one issue: communication. 

Going into more detail, Knobloch listed the four “big truths” that she had picked up on during the meeting: communication from teachers needs to happen “early and often”, conversations with parents need to happen consistently if their child begins having behavioral issues, the school needs to be messengers to parents after any incidents (rather than letting parents learn about them through their children after school gets out), and more accessible opportunities for volunteering in the schools need to be made available. 

Knobloch emphasized that she felt Dr. Meade had listened to the concerns parents had brought to the meeting, and added that the parents present had also learned a lot from listening to all sides of the issues. 

The focus group plans to meet again in October for further discussion.