Northwest Madison County resident Michele Brant lives near Penn Center in Penn Township.

When she was attending caucuses, Brant says she signed up “for possibly running for office.” 

“I didn’t really have any preconceived notion of what I would do,” she said, but when looking she began looking at the list of positions available she said she felt the office she “is most suited for is the supervisor position”.

The next thing she knows, she gets a call from the Democratic party, and decided to run.

She was drawn in by the fiscal responsibilities of the position, which fit in line with her asset manager experience.

Brant has been an asset manager and a property manager for the better part of a career spanning 25 years and more. She runs Iowa Active Management, which deals with staff training and other issues.

“It’s a part-time position. It’s a paid position and the more I learn, the more I know this is the right position.”

“I’m available ... I don’t have an agenda,” Brant admits. “I’m jazzed. I’m very direct and I know how to negotiate. I know the value of customer service.”

Brant says she feels the hot topics for Madison County Supervisor include wind turbines, roads, and the lack of transparency ... “where does the money go?”

Wind turbines

When it comes to wind turbines, Brant says she could support Supervisor Diane Fitch’s wind turbine ordinance proposal.

Among other things, county supervisor Fitch’s wind turbine document supports larger set-backs to properties and property line and buildings than does the Aaron Price-Phil Clifton version. 

“Now we have an ordinance that can allow 150 [wind turbines], and that is not okay. I don’t want to end up looking like Adair County,” Brant says.

“Zero would be my preference. If you gotta label it, then there it is. I would prefer none versus 150.”

Brant is from Des Moines and she and her husband, Bruce, raise cattle. The couple has been in northwest Madison County for 18 years and have two grown children.

“Take the politics off, and the hot buttons, I’m very competent and qualified for the position. And that’s why I’m running.”


She says she is both “sad and worried” about the St. Charles Road.

“We definitely have to find out how to be more timely with repairs,” she said, adding “one of the things I’m good at is budget detail.”

“I know money’s the thing.”


“The perception is that a lot of conversations happen outside of open meetings. A lot of conversations are inappropriate.”

And that doesn’t mean during closed meetings.


“I am very frustrated with how we handled it. I do not think we’re opening up too quick.”

Says she is happy with information the governor has been sharing with the public.

“I am a moderate. I am willing to see both sides. I will not polarize other folks. And I am very experienced with the Madison County job description.

“I’m not a deal-doer.”

“I’m very passionate,” Brant said.