The last of the Iowa Theater’s lights were lit on Tuesday evening during a celebration countdown.  A crowd gathered on the street to watch as the word IOWA in bright white, neon-like LED lights atop the historic 1938 canopy was  switched on. They hadn’t been lit since the 1950s or 1960s, according to Marianne Fons and Rebecca Fons, the mother-daughter duo who spearheaded the restoration of the theater. It is the last of the lighting on the marquee to be finished.

The theater reopened in May after much local effort and was turned over to the community as a non-profit.

“The feedback we have had from the community has been wonderful,” said Rebecca Fons via a megaphone on Tuesday evening. She and her mother both encouraged the public to continue visiting the theater in order to keep it open. This week’s Way Back Wednesday movie is “Grease”. Those who dress up, whether it’s a poodle skirt or greased hair and a leather jacket, just might receive something free.

As a non-profit organization, the fundraising will continue at The Iowa.

For more information about volunteering, showtimes or donating, visit