Greater Madison County Community Foundation grants will be awarded to 20 groups on June 11 at the Bricker-Price building in Earlham. A total of $105,000 is being handed out to help with projects that better the towns and communities of Madison County. The 20 groups requested a total of $218,649 in grants, around half of which is being funded.

Among this year’s largest funding recipients was the Madison County Conservation Department, which received $23,000 to go toward its new Conservation Center. The other large grant went to the Winterset Fire Department, in the amount of $18,250 to help defray the cost of replacing self-contained breathing apparatus.

The town of Truro was the next highest grant recipient with $8,250 in funds that will go toward a storm shelter/ADA restrooms/infant changing station. The city of Earlham will get $7,500 to restore its tennis courts and the 2019 Madison County Leadership Institute is getting $7,500, which it plans to use to put AEDs in all the patrol units in Madison County.

Next, the Winterset Green Rodgers Post 184 will be awarded $6,000 for building renovations. The Madison County Livestock and Fair Association will also receive $6,000 but for their old restrooms to be renovated.

The City of Patterson asked for a grant for  their baseball field and equipment and were granted $5,500. The Covered Bridge Festival committee of Winterset will receive $3,100 for new entrances for the Covered Bridge Festival that will occur in the fall.

A grant for Marching Huskies drum battery replacement was asked for by the Winterset Band Boosters. They  will receive $3,000 for this project. Madison County Health Care System requested a grant for a glide scope intubation device and were given $2,600.

Madison County Heart & Soul will receive $2,500 for the second year of the initiative. Also receiving $2,500 is Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency (HIRTA) for transportation to food pantries.

A similar amount of $2,400 will be awarded to City Park Restoration Committee of Winterset for the removal of invasive species out of the Winterset City Park.

Earlham Chicks with Checks will be granted with $2,250 for Earlham City Park Stage Upgrade. The Washboard  of Madison County in general asked for a grant to go toward free mobile laundry units and will be given $1,500 for this project.

$1,400 will be granted to the Winterset Police Department for a traffic analyst system. The St. Charles Lion’s Club will be receiving a grant of $850 to restore headstones in the St. Charles Cemetery.

The two lowest recipients are Children and Families of Iowa (CFI) and Street Tails, Inc of Winterset. CFI will be receiving $500 in order to help keep Madison County Children safe. Street Tails, Inc requested a grant for the spay-neuter project. They will be the lowest recipient with a grant of $400.

The grant money comes from state gambling operations that are set aside for the counties in which there are no gambling operations. Madison County adds to this with its own endowment fund.

Grant recipients had to  be either a 501(c)(3) or a 170(b) organization, or have an organization willing to serve as fiscal agent who is either of the aforementioned organizations.

GMCCF grants announced

Editor’s note: The above chart is a list of grants awarded for 2019, including a project description, amount requested, and amount received.

Managing Editor at the Winterset Madisonian.