A snazzy three-dimensional sculpture will begin to take shape at the Winterset Art Center, with the first section of the display scheduled to be unveiled today (Wednesday, July 29), weather permitting. The theme of the mural/sculpture is “A Community Coming Together”. When completed it will feature 10 geometric shapes resembling a cube.

Winterset Art Center sculpture installation

Designed as a three-dimensional mural, the Winterset Art Center is in the process of assembling artwork from an array of artists to create a geometric cube for installation on the property. Centered around the theme “A Community Coming Together” and using a variety of different artistic media, participating artists will create pieces depicting different areas of interest in the community. The project is scheduled to grow every two weeks, or as artwork is completed. Shown here is artwork highlighting the Winterset Dog Park, painted by Chery White, and a triangle piece which represents the Master Gardeners’ flowers around town, created by Kaitlyn Hackly.

The idea for the project was the brainchild of Brad Hansen, Chairman of the Board at the Art Center. 

“The intention is to display the artwork of area artists,” Hansen explained. “We are looking for more artists to complete the different sides of each geometric shape.”

Adhering to the theme, artists will use a variety of mediums to create geometric pieces which feature different areas in the community. The Winterset Dog Park, Master Gardeners, and area quilters for example, have played a part in some of the current works.

Acrylic painting, ceramics, printmaking, and gold leaf will be some of the techniques utilized. 

According to the Art Center, it is up to participating artists to decide which medium represents their artwork the best. Artists will retain copyright protection for any works submitted.

Organizers hope that sections will be added every two weeks, or as they are completed. Pieces of the display will appear at various locations around the Art Center grounds and will migrate to the northeast corner of the property.

Although current members of the Art Center have been contacted in regards to participating, the center hopes to include the works of a wide array of artists. Each panel will be signed by the individual artist, along with phrases or poetry. It is the intent of the Winterset Art Center to promote the work of those who participate.

Personal donations have funded the design and the original concept model. As public support and community participation grows the installation may be improved with a more permanent material. It is designed to be removed in late November or early December when more inclement weather arrives.

The overall goal of the structure is to make the Winterset Art Center more visible within the community. Their wish is to promote Madison County and South Central Iowa as an area that supports and encourages the arts. 

Artists in the community wishing to participate may contact the Winterset Art Center for more information by emailing wintersetart2016@gmail.com.

Managing editor at the Madisonian.