A first: more vote from home than in-person

More Madison County voters opted to vote from home for the June 2, 2020, primary elections than at the three election polling sites around the county.

That was not unexpected due to the continuing worldwide coronavirus pandemic. People felt more comfortable voting from isolation (at home) than they did with a sluggish stream of people at the polls.

Not only were there a record number of absentee ballots cast in Madison County: there were a record number of absentee ballot requests.

It became a perfect storm, so to speak, as Iowa Secretary of State (SOS) Paul Pate mailed absentee ballot request forms to all registered Iowa voters, coupled with COVID-19 pandemic fears.

A record 2,335 absentee ballots were requested from Madison County’s voters. That is just over 20 percent of the total registered voters (11,631) in the county. 

Of the 2,335 ballots requested by voters, half were from registered Democrats (1,162) and half were from Republicans (1,166). All but about 414 ballots had been returned as of Tuesday morning.

Of the 1,927 ballots returned to county elections officials, 987 were from those who chose to vote in the Democrat primary while the remaining 940 were from Republicans.

A total of 800 people voted at the polls.

The 1,927 absentee votes cast shattered TWO records. It blew the 2016 primary record of 319 absentee ballots out of the water. It also smashed the 2012 overall record of 876 absentee ballots cast, by more than two to one.

At 2 p.m. Tuesday, a total of 182 voters had showed up at the polls at the Jackson Building at the county fairgrounds. By 6 p.m., a total of 323 across the precincts had voted.

The polls opened at 7 a.m. and closed at 9 p.m.

Two local county-wide elected seats were unopposed.

Republican Sheriff Jason Barnes was uncontested. So was Republican Shelley Kaster, running unopposed for county auditor.

2020 Primary Results
US SenatorAbs.Tot.
Joni Ernst (R)8521,409
Theresa Greenfield (D)531634
Michael Franken (D)256282
Eddie J. Mauro (D)97142
Kimberly Graham (D)78105
Cal Woods (D)1519
US RepresentativeAbs.Tot.
Cindy Axne (D)9111,101
David Young (R)6561,001
Bill Schafer (R)256488
Iowa State House District 25Abs.Tot.
x-Stan Gustafson (R)8591,405
x-Ryan Marquardt (D)652769
x-Caleb Short (D)225291
Note: x-Madison County results only
Madison County SupervisorAbs.Tot.
Heather Stancil (R)519938
Michele Brant (D)441555
Erin Hardisty (R)345491
Tom Hayes (D)427506
Madison County SheriffAbs.Tot.
Jason Barnes (R)8821,455
Madison County AuditorAbs.Tot.
Shelley Kaster (R)8521,385

Reporter at the Winterset Madisonian. He has also been the managing editor at the Madisonian.