Madison County Supervisors took the final vote Tuesday to impose a one-year moratorium on receiving new applications for new alternative energy project proposals.

The moratorium imposes a stopuntil Oct. 1, 2020, at the lateston all new applications for wind turbines in the county, and any solar system (solar panel) project applications.

The moratorium gives the county time to craft or combine proposals to deal with the various alternative energy options.

There are at least three variations of a sample ordinance on the table. Two have been submitted, independently, by county supervisors; one has come from the public. 

Key to the proposals will be minimum distance requirements that turbines can be located from a residence.

The outside proposal even asks township trustees to poll residents if a turbine is to be located in their immediate vicinity.

Reporter at the Winterset Madisonian. He has also been the managing editor at the Madisonian.