On Thursday evening, June 20, a concerned citizens meeting was held at VFW Post 8142 in Winterset. Around 25 citizens appeared to listen and voice their opinions. The meeting was led by Harry Pettit, Joyce Kirkpatrick and Mike Forsyth. During the meeting, the duty of the supervisors in relation to road conditions was the main subject that was discussed.

The three believe the supervisors are not fulfilling their duties to maintain gravel roads as determined by Iowa code section 309.67. Specific problems with the secondary road was brought up such as incidents with pot holes and the gravel being washed away and not replaced.

The quality of the bridges in Madison County was a subtopic of the meeting. Kirkpatrick mentioned that the bridges are only inspected every other year which she believes is not enough.

Some solutions were suggested. Among these were having five supervisors, keeping at least one supervisor in the office every day of the week to hear citizens’ concerns, creating a better voting system for the board and updating the quality of the rock being used for the secondary roads.

Around a half dozen citizens voiced their issues with the problems in the county. Wind turbines was a heated topic that was debated due to the recent ruling of the supervisors on the windmill moratorium proposed by Supervisor Dianne Fitch.  

The moratorium would have “ceased all wind energy installation for a period not to exceed one year”. However, it was not passed.

Harry Pettit speaks at concerned citizens meeting

Harry Pettit was among the concerned citizens who called the meeting regarding road conditions, bridges and other topics. Around 25 people attended the June 20 meeting.

Pettit encouraged citizens with complaints to formally file them at the Madison County Sheriff's Department.

Justin Porter speaks at concerned citizens meeting

The hour and a half meeting came to end and individual citizens were able to meet with Pettit, Kirkpatrick and Forsyth to discuss complaints.