The Madison County Chamber of Commerce and the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival Committee would like to invite you to the Cedar Bridge Ribbon Cutting and Re-dedication Ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 12, from 5-6 p.m. at Cedar Bridge Park. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be a highlight of the 50th Madison County Covered Bridge Festival. 

This event will feature a short presentation, as well as light appetizers and drinks, and will help celebrate the completed restoration of this historic landmark. 

Cedar Bridge fell victim to arson in early 2017, but through the generous contributions of donors and volunteers, has been restored back to its original glory. 

Originally built in 1883, Cedar Bridge rose to fame after James Waller’s novel “The Bridges of Madison County” was published and then adapted for film. Cedar Bridge is featured on the cover of the novel, and is where Francesca Johnson goes to meet Robert Kincaid to help him take photographs. 

At the height of the movie’s popularity, the Oprah Winfrey Show filmed on the lawn of Cedar Bridge Park. 

Additional Covered Bridge Festival information is available through the Madison County Chamber at 515-462-1185, on the Covered Bridge Festival website or in the Madisonian’s festival supplement.